The puukko is the traditional Scandinavian form of the bushcraft knife. Most puukkos are meant primarily for working on wood, such as making feathered sticks and building campsite items, and have a blade angle that has been chosen accordingly. Often the same puukko is used for a wide variety of tasks, ranging to fish gutting and game skinning, which has helped hone the puukko into a fantastically versatile tool for any outdoor enthusiast!

For top-quality puukkos for serious use, we can recommend Roselli products. They have been built for day-to-day use, with the best materials.

Another great manufacturer is Iisakki Järvenpää, whose puukko range spans from rugged utilitarian ones to beautiful, decorated collector’s items.

J. Marttiini covers puukkos from safe children’s models to specialized items such as hunting knives with gutting hooks. Marttiini is known for their affordable prices and huge range.

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