Waterproof Shell Jackets

Waterproof shell jackets are nowadays considered a basic piece of gear everyone should have. New breathable materials make the modern day shell jacket quite versatile, they are definitely not just for rainy days any more. The thinnest, highly packable versions thrive in warmer conditions, whereas the sturdiest ones are great for ice climbing and arctic expeditions.

Two or three layers? Two layer jackets tend to have a mesh liner or a fabric liner. The waterproof membrane itself is laminated to the surface fabric. Two layer jackets are slightly warmer and slightly more comfortable to wear than three layer jackets, provided that exertion levels are low to moderate. Three layer jackets appear simpler, as all three layers (surface, membrane and liner) have been laminated together. The prime advantage of a three layer structure is that it provides minimal possibilities for moisture to gather. Three layer jackets also tend to be more durable than two layer jackets. Most three layer jackets practically demand a long sleeve base layer because of the liner material.

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